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Academic Enterprise Candidates


Lori DeWillis – Academic Enterprises

Lori DeWillis works as Associate Director of Support Services in the Provost Office. She has been employed at UTMB since 2004, working in a number of areas across the Academic Enterprise including Enrollment Services, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Internal Medicine.

In her current role, Ms. DeWillis manages strategic goals, oversees endowment compliance, manages the international travel process for the entire institution, coordinates and organizes various special events and provides support to the Chief Performance Officer as relates to the Academic Enterprise’s Business Development.

Ms. DeWillis earned a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston in 1999 and an MBA from The University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas in 2003.

“Having held various positions at UTMB, I feel I would be an asset to the council as I would bring a vast array of experience, expertise and viewpoints (been there, done that). It would be an honor to be a sounding board for my fellow employees as well as their representative, helping champion their concerns, challenges, ideas and accolades.”




Maria Garcia – Academic Enterprises

Maria Garcia has been employed at UTMB since December of 1999. She initially began her career translating for Spanish speaking patients in Labor & Delivery. Over the course of the following 5 years she was promoted to admissions financial counselor and worked with the patient population in the satellite Austin Women’s Hospital location. Being a member of a remote team introduced her to challenges faced by UTMB employees residing off-island. She left UTMB in 2006 to attend graduate school in Louisiana but returned shortly after graduating from her program. Though she is now the Sr. Administrative Manager for the Center for Addiction Research, she has held both classified and administrative positions in her tenure with UTMB. As a staff member, she has experienced the positive outcomes of the council’s efforts to address employee’s concerns and interests. As the 2015 recipient of the Leone Administrative Excellence Award, she strives daily to provide the best service to her faculty, students, and staff. She hopes to join the council and adopt an active role in the dissemination of information concerning UTMB employees’ issues to our leadership.


UTMB has been successful in implementing message boards, surveys, and blogs to engage and interact with our staff. Tangible changes can be seen as a result of the efforts put forth by participating members. As we prepare to grow with our exciting expansions, we should look forward to interacting further still with a growing stakeholder population. New locations, additional specialties, and growing needs will inadvertently lead to unique circumstances for our UTMB members. Maria firmly believes that open lines of communication allow for the process of thoughtful resolution and successful implementation of revised or new protocols.

It is her sincere hope to apply her experience and skills to benefit the mission and vision of the council.




Melodi Moore – Academic Enterprises

Melodi Moore joined UTMB in 2013 after working at UT Southwestern in Dallas for 5 years. As Funding Specialist in Research Services, she has the opportunity to work with researchers, administrative staff, clinicians, students and institutional support personnel. This interaction across the university campus is one of her favorite aspects of the job. She delights in not only demonstrating what she is there to teach, but in learning how she can better show the next person or group what is available. She is proud of the fact that for the past three years she has been able to develop relationships with departments and services across campus and has become the source of information for the programs used by many.

She loves the island and has never felt more at home. In addition to my beloved Black Dog who lives with her, she has three children, a daughter, 27 and two sons, 24 & 16 and a wonderful daughter-in-law.

She believes her activity across campus gives her an almost unique view of the diversity of our workforce and the concerns they face. She truly believe UTMB is an employer that offers opportunity and growth unlike larger, campuses within the UT System and she would be honored to be a member of the Council that seeks to continue this for the employees.



Emi Whittle – Academic Enterprises

Emi Whittle currently serves as a Senior Financial Analyst for the Eye, Ear, and Translational Sciences ASG (Administrative Support Group) but began at UTMB in Decision Support Analytics as a Clinical Decision Support Analyst. In these roles, her tasks granted exposure to many of the different functions and departments at UTMB, from the clinical perspective as well as the financial perspective, and fostered understanding of multiple aspects of UTMB – as a government, teaching, and healthcare entity.

Although she has only been at UTMB since 2013, she brings a wide variety of skills and experience – from program management in the government sector, to non-profit and for-profit organizations, social services, health care related, and space industries for more than 15 years. This includes service on the Employee Health and Safety Committee for Wyle Laboratories under Space Shuttle contract work, and participation in the Coalition for the Homeless in Houston with special appointment to the Grants Steering Committee.

She believes that positive relationships between all entities and levels and UTMB benefit everyone – patients, the institution, and its employees – and that service as a voice for employees is a valuable and important task. She believes that increases in understanding, cooperation, and communication are not only possible, but vital for continued growth and success at UTMB.