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Hospitals & Clinics Candidates


Sharon Chapman – Hospital and Clinics

Sharon Chapman joined UTMB in 2010. Her current role is as a Project Manager for the Ambulatory Clinics Support Services. Her duties are focused on clinic facilities and projects including new clinic openings; maintenance; emergency management, etc. Prior to this role she was a Financial Analyst for the Regional Maternal & Child Health Program Clinics. Before UTMB she most recently worked for Hewlett Packard in Houston as a Business Planning Manager. She has over 25 years of experience in operations and business planning. Her experience also includes collaborative process redesign and improvement. She has a BS in Business Management from the University of Tennessee, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management from Our Lady of the Lake University. She was born and raised in upstate New York, moved to Tennessee to go to college and start her family, and finally to Texas in 2001 to take her job with HP. She moved to Galveston in 2004 and lives on the island. She has three grown daughters and six grandchildren.

Taking her job at UTMB in 2010 was a profound turning point for her. Coming to healthcare, and working with the RMCHP, felt like she had found a purpose. For the first time, she was able to apply what she had learned to making a difference for good in someone’s life, instead of just improving the bottom line. Mission motivated work re-energized her in numerous, unexpected ways. She is a passionate advocate for our patients, especially the medically underserved, and for our employees who work tirelessly every day to care for our patients.

Her passion for patients and employees, along with her broad experience and ability to build collaboration, support her desire to serve on the Employee Advisory Council. She is excited about the possibility of working with new colleagues and finding new ways to serve UTMB.



Gopakumar Manikandseril – Hospital and Clinics

Gopakumar (Gopa) has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years in United States and 9 years abroad. He started his Nursing career with an associate degree in nursing and completed Bachelors of Science in Nursing from AIIMS, India in 2000 and completed Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management from Walden University, Minnesota in 2016.He has vast and diverse experience as a nurse working in two different countries and joined UTMB in 2003 as an SICU nurse. During nursing career at UTMB, he had the opportunity to work as a team leader, charge nurse, Mentor/Preceptor and Unit Educator. His experiences working with diverse patient populations, colleagues and physicians made him humble, flexible and a very efficient Nurse.

His leadership experiences include serving as Co-chair on All ICU Shared Leadership council, as an active member of SICU shared leadership council and Coordinating   council and currently serving as a member of Transfusion committee. During his term in All ICU Shared Leadership, we conducted several community outreach events like Organ donation, Stroke awareness and Trauma Prevention. He is an active volunteer for Galveston County Food Bank for last several years. He was very fortunate and proud to be part of New Jennie Sealy Hospital move team from planning phase through the actual move on April 9, 2016.

He likes to be a member of EAC to serve as a liaison between employees and UTMB leadership and relay ideas and concerns of employees to leadership. He believes that a responsible leader has the best interest of not only UTMB Healthcare but the employees at heart as well. He wants to be a member of EAC so as to be involved in all aspects of the work being done to promote a positive work environment.



Kristi Morgan Turner – Hospital and Clinics

Kristi Morgan Turner’s journey in healthcare began at age 19 when she worked part-time in a small family practice clinic while attending college as journalism major.  After receiving an Associate of Arts, she was fortunate to experience opportunities and success in various outpatient healthcare positions ranging from marketing director to Surgery Scheduler to Billing Manager.  She obtained a coding certification and worked as a Revenue Cycle consultant for a large specialty practice in The Texas Medical Center. Prior to coming to UTMB, she worked in Information Technology, specializing in Revenue Cycle training and software support. Kristi has been the Senior Practice Manager for the Otolaryngology Clinics here at UTMB since June 2007.   She feels one of the best parts of her job is helping to mentor medical students and residents who seek to learn about outpatient operations; she is proud to play a part in influencing them to understand and improve the patient experience. She recently started back to school to complete her BA in Communications at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, after which she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Humanities or Public Health.

Kristi’s philosophy about Employee Advocacy is this: “I think the key to any successful business is having employees that feel respected, supported, and valued. There is no force on earth greater than an inspired employee, and an employer who focuses on and invests in their workforce will always be successful. I believe that you cannot have truly satisfied patients unless you have satisfied employees who are emotionally invested in their role and engaged with their patients. This requires us as an institution to put importance on respect, communication and accountability for all employees. The EAC plays a crucial role in facilitating a truly employee-centered culture, and I would love to be a part of it.”



Tameka Paris – Hospital and Clinics

Tameka Paris currently works in Hospital Administration as an Executive Assistant to Thomas Riley (VP & Health Strategies Officer) and she reports to Candy Galan (Sr. Executive Assistant to Mrs. Sollenberger). In this role she supports the needs of the office suite, manages Mr. Riley’s calendar and serve as Mrs. Sollenberger’s assistant in Candy’s absence.


She believes she would be an asset to the committee because she genuinely cares about the needs of others and is delighted to serve as a voice for those who have concerns about making their work environment better. She has a background in management and an academic background in General and Industrial Organization Psychology. Her experience has afforded her the ability to listen attentively while engaging employee’s needs and articulately share their needs with leadership. She is delighted UTMB has such a committee in place and she would be honored to serve in yet another capacity in supporting the Best Care Initiative.



Sandra Powis – Hospital and Clinics

Sandra Powis is a Registered Nurse and would like to be considered for nomination to the Employee Advisory Council. She has been working at the University for 23 years, 20 of those years in the Day Surgery Unit and have been a RN for more than 32 years. Over the years she has built strong relationships, not only among those with whom she works, but intra and interdepartmentally as well.

She feels very strongly that everyone should be treated equally, fairly and with respect. This is the paradigm upon which her practice is based. All employees should have the opportunity to voice their concerns and should feel that their opinions matter. Unfortunately not everyone feels confident enough or may be afraid to speak up about matters, preferring someone else speak for them. She is that someone.

She is originally from Canada but am a Texan by choice. She is engaged in community activities, particularly those benefitting breast cancer, colon cancer and community animal shelters. She enjoys travel and appreciates the joys and learning opportunities available when exposed to other cultures.

She is service oriented and very interested in representing UTMB Hospital and Clinic employee issues and concerns. She believes that she would represent this cohort with dignity and would be able to work with the rest of the group in order to accomplish the goals of the Council.


Vanetta Stomile

Vanetta Stomile – Hospitals and Clinics

Vanetta Stomile has known that being offered the opportunity to be a part of this grand institution has been one of the greater episodes in her career and she knew that it was not by accident. She has always enjoyed being able to positively help others improve their situations and make better choices in life. Coincidentally, being an employee of UTMB but working inside of the TDCJ hospital gives her a close up and personal glimpse of how important it is to have positive guidance and assistance along life’s journey. Since April of 2016, she has held the position of Patient Service Specialist Supervisor and must say it has been a challenge and gift at the same time. This position affords her the chance to work closely with her peers and be a greater asset to UTMB as a whole. She was originally hired as a Coordinator II in the Ambulatory Nursing department within the TDCJ hospital and witnessed firsthand how important it is for our staff to have the knowledge and access to assistance services offered by UTMB. During her time there she has become aware of the emotional and mental strains associated with the great deal of responsibility the staff have to manage. She is proud to work for a company that cares enough for their employees to offer, at no additional charge, a confidential service to help with many of life’s stresses. It is no surprise that many of the staff within the TDCJ hospital feel alienated from different programs and events for UTMB.

She would enjoy the opportunity to serve as a member of the Employee Advisory Council to be a voice and a bridge for those who can benefit from utilizing this outstanding program!



Alicia Stuart – Hospital and Clinics

Alicia Stuart started her career with UTMB in 1996. She has held positions at CMC and in the Health System. Currently, she works as a Risk Management Specialist under the Quality Department and has been in this position for over 6 years. She is passionate about improving Patient Safety through various process improvement strategies.

Alicia has been a RN for 26 years, receiving her BSN and MSN through UTMB’s School of Nursing. She is a Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management and is an active member of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.

Alicia truly believes in and works for UTMB’s Mission to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world. Through evidence based strategic management and growth, she strives to better our institution not only for the end result of best patient care and outcomes but also for employee satisfaction and retention. She is a proud UTMB employee and alumni who promotes UTMB’s vast Health Care options and Academic opportunities.

Her interests outside work include physical fitness, competitive fishing (inshore and offshore), reading, travel, fund raising and volunteering for several charities. Volunteer commitments are to the Galveston Animal Shelter, the Houston Big Game Fishing Club, the American Heart Association, and she sits on the Advisory Board of the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston. She is an avid dog lover and currently has two rescue pups.

Alicia would be honored to serve on the UTMB EAC. She is the type of person who is very open and listens carefully to a person’s needs and concerns. People trust her and value her opinion, making her a person who can convey employee needs to the EAC so that issues can be communicated and prioritized. She knows that she can be a positive conduit to the UTMB EAC’s collaborative working group in making UTMB be the best it can be.