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Report of Activities

EAC council members met with Executive Leadership on May 22, 2014, recognized new officers and outgoing members, and discussed goals for the coming year.   Click below to view the 2014 Annual Report and Presentation for Executive Leadership.




EAC Update 5-2014


EAC Annual Mtg 04.08.2013


EAC Update 4-2013


Employee Advisory Council Update

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August 2012

Click here to view the August update!

Members of the Employee Advisory Council, who are elected by their peers to promote a positive and collaborative work environment and are committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs, have made the following progress – listed under Council goals – during the first half of 2012.


  •  The EAC blog and word of mouth continue to be our best methods of communication.
  •  EAC took a trip to the CMC Pharmacy and Walls Unit in Huntsville. We met with the employees and got an inside look into their jobs. Our presence seemed to really make a difference in morale and, as a result, we are considering having additional meetings at off-site locations as an outreach method.


  •  EAC continues to have a presence at New Employee Orientation and other campus events.
  •  Several EAC members participated in a focus group for Morrison’s food services. All members polled fellow employees for feedback which resulted in several pages of commentary that were submitted. Some changes have already been implemented in food services and we look forward to more in the future!


  • The success of Employee Appreciation Day allowed the EAC to identify a need at UTMB for an all-location employee day. Our budget request for this was granted for FY 2013 and pre-planning has begun.


  • Improving communication methods and processes continues to be a struggle, but EAC is committed to these initiatives. We’ve opened the lines of communication between EAC members and members of leadership, but are continuing to seek out the optimal path.


  •  EAC representatives assisted Human Resources staff with Employee Appreciation Day by serving (and sometimes burning) popcorn and cold beverages to our fellow UTMB employees.
  •  EAC partnered with the UTMB Earth Day team to provide several costumes and models for a style show featuring outfits made out of recycled materials.  Katrina Lambrecht graciously agreed to represent EAC as a “celebrity, leadership model’’ and completely rocked her recycled EAC card flapper dress! 


Employee Advisory Council (EAC)

Report of Activities

Spring 2007 – March 2012 


Purpose: The Employee Advisory Council is a group of twelve elected employees and two advisors that represent four broad areas of UTMB.  The EAC serves to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs. The EAC also serves as a focus group/advisory panel by providing a feedback loop on broad issues and potential new programs that can impact UTMB Classified Staff and A&P Positions.  The Council is sponsored and endorsed by President’s Office. This is the first report in a series of annual reports providing an update regarding the progress of our council and activities that have transpired.



  • 4 members (Chuck Machner, Melanie Loving, Craig Peters, and Nuala Cullinane) and 2 advisors (Pep Valdez and Doug Stark) were appointed by executive leadership to serve on the EAC
  • Members formulated guidelines for the council and elected officers
  • Members worked with Information Services to coordinate elections in the fall of 2007 to elect 4 additional members.
  • Elected 5 additional members to the EAC (Tammy Cupit, Gerald Cleveland, Michele Lockwood, Diana Davison, Pam Bass)
  • Began work on the EAC Blog


  • Developed an online issues form for employees to voice concerns
  • Attended multiple institution sponsored events to promote the EAC
  • Raised awareness of clinic issues with confidentiality and patients requesting to see faculty physicians only
  • Members worked to continue with the elections in the fall
  • Members served as an advisory panel with HR to evaluate various tools to assess employee satisfaction
  • Worked with CMC to ensure availability of online resources for staff on-site
  • Visited Carol Young Unit in Texas City


  • Meetings and fall elections were postponed due to Ike
  • Worked to promote EAC at various institution sponsored functions
  • Met with Strategic Management Team and provided feedback loop on issues that impact employees
  • Met with members of HR to provide feedback on changes to the cost of benefits and how they may be integrated with the least amount of impact to employees
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on the Discipline and Dismissal policy with HR
  • Provided feedback on HR’s new online benefits website to make more user friendly
  • Provided feedback on the branding initiative for the institution
  • Worked with Information Services and leadership in Internal Medicine to provide live online viewing of grand rounds using the NCAST server in conjunction with Tegrity software
  • Worked to proceed with fall elections in 2009
  • Elected 5 additional members (Veronica Pleasant, Michele Stout, Jason Chavers, Vivian Granger, and Amineh Baradar) to the EAC
  • Welcomed Marianne Gooch as an advisor replacing Pep Valdez


  • Elected new EAC officers
  • Revised council guidelines
  • Reviewing the issue of AED’s in non-clinical campus buildings


  • Elected 4 new members to the EAC (Julie Cantini, Jennifer Anderson, Craig Kovacevich, and Janet Gonzalez)
  • Increased the overall exposure of the EAC
  • Enhanced communication outlets with our colleagues
  • Re-organized the EAC blog/website
  • Approximately 20 issues were brought to the council for discussion and review


  • Continue to improve communication between EAC and stakeholders
  • Increase  the accessibility of EAC to position the committee to be utilized institutionally for focus groups, beta testing, and process improvements
  • Develop and implement programs and/or initiatives to improve employee morale
  • Collaborate with Leadership to define the process and procedure for triage and resolution of issues
  • Unite with other UTMB groups and departments to work together to work wonders