Celebrating our first year in Jennie Sealy Hospital

Donna Sollenberger, EVP & CEO, UTMB Health SystemThe ninth of April marks our first anniversary in Jennie Sealy Hospital! I can hardly believe how quickly time has passed since the day we officially opened. I remember it was hard to contain our excitement as we moved into the new hospital. It was like taking the first step into a bright and vibrant future, bringing along with us a 125-year legacy of patient care, education and research.

I recall that of the 185 patients we safely transported to our new hospital that day, our first and last patients were both former faculty members who had worked at UTMB many years ago. The last patient had even met his wife, a nurse working in John Sealy Hospital at the time, while he was a medical student here—to me, it was a perfect example of how the threads of our past are so tightly intertwined with the fabric of our future.

The weeks before we opened the hospital were quite an amazing experience. I remember the feeling of finally being inside the building that I had watched being constructed over the years. I remember being awed by the beauty of the light pouring in through the windows of the foyer and the stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico from the 11th floor. I also remember the day they hung the art throughout the hospital and how it truly transformed the space. In the words of Florence Nightingale, “Never underestimate the healing effects of beauty.” I couldn’t wait to see the reactions of patients and visitors as they stayed with us in our beautiful new hospital.

Today, Jennie Sealy Hospital is buzzing with activity. Our students are receiving their education in this state-of-the-art facility. Our faculty and staff, who have a tremendous passion for patient care, are busy performing remarkable work each day. As of this anniversary, more than 12,000 patients will have been discharged from Jennie Sealy Hospital. Every day, I am touched by patient testimonials and amazed by the talent and expertise of our people. We could not fulfill our missions of patient care, education and research without you! Each of you is an important thread that creates the fabric of UTMB as we work together to work wonders.

That said, I want to thank all of you for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our patients and their loved ones. UTMB could not work wonders without you, Jennie Sealy Hospital would not be a wonderful place to receive patient care without you, and words can’t really express how much I appreciate everything you do to make sure our patients are well cared for. Congratulations to all on one year in Jennie Sealy Hospital!