What we're creating at UTMB Health is this:

Better health. Better life. Better world.
It's a mission that's bigger than all of us.
That's why we're working together to work wonders.

Everything about our brand — the way it looks, acts and sounds — is a reflection of that vision. And wherever the public interacts with our brand, they know they've arrived at an extraordinary place. The place where the best and brightest work together to define the future of health science and health care. The place where health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals come for answers.

The purpose of these brand guidelines is to unify and strengthen the UTMB Health brand. It takes everyone working together to make these guidelines work. 

Our Mission

UTMB Health's mission is to shape the future of health care.

Our brand reflects the importance of that work. For the world to understand our critical role in the future of medicine, it must be constantly reminded of our presence.

By consistently applying the standards of our identity system, you will ensure that our brand continually reinforces and builds on our reputation. The people of UTMB Health give this institution their all. To make sure our brand works just as hard, take care to follow these brand guidelines everywhere our brand is applied.

Multispecialty Care Clinic

Our Evolution: The UTMB Brand over the years


For much of its history, versions of the UTMB Seal were used to represent the university. Today, the seal is reserved exclusively for a handful of formal applications and should never be used without explicit permission.

UTMB Health Old outlined logo

During the 1980s through 2000, versions of a block-lettered “UTMB” represented the university.

UTMB Health OLD Star logo

In 2001, a popular new Texas-themed logo and tagline “Here for the Health of Texas” appeared.

This logo should never be used, and material with the logo (including printed collateral and apparel) should be retired.

UTMB Health Logo 2010

In 2010, the current logo and “Working Wonders” tagline were introduced.

Visit the Logo webpage to download the logo, and see guidelines and best practices information.