100On May 6, 2014, Research Services published the initial blog post letting researchers know that Dr. Goodwin was offering an Internal Review for UTMB Researchers. As of yesterday, the Blog published its 100th post.

If you have read the blog over the past seven months, you have seen NIH news, UT System initiatives publicized, Funding Announcements, Gulf Coast Consortia updates and many other important news articles that will benefit you in your research.

If you have the Research Resources Blog delivered to directly your inbox, you are one of the first on campus to learn that the NIH has increased the salary cap for 2015 and UT System is offering seed money for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Research.

If you are not receiving the Blog in your inbox, instructions on how to make that happen are now pinned to the first page. Don’t miss important news on who is receiving awards, who is offering training on how to write and submit the best SBIR/STTR proposal and what funding is available.

As 2015 moves forward, we are hoping to expand the news you will be receiving in the Blog. Look for more NIH updates, information on the new VELOS system and more collaboration and funding opportunities. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Is there something you would like to see or contribute? The comments section is always available or you can contact Melodi Moore or Heidi Lutz via email or phone. Both are listed in the UTMB employee directory.

We are proud of the direction of the Blog to this point and look forward to bringing you expanded services throughout the next year.