Did You Know? – Checking Continuous Submission Status

QuestionDid You Know?

Investigators are able to check their continuous submission status using the Personal Profile tab in their Commons account?  There are two continuous submission sections.   The top one allows appointed members of NIH Study Sections, National Advisory Councils/Boards, Board of Scientific Councilors, and Policy Advisory Committees to click on this link and see the dates of any current appointment(s).

The second (bottom) link is for those investigators who have participated in enough qualifying NIH review meetings to become eligible for Continuous Submission based on “recent substantial service” (6 qualifying NIH review meetings in an 18 month period ending June 30 of each year).   Clicking the “Show Eligibility Status” link will open a new window that will allow the user to choose from a drop-down list of Fiscal years.  Once selected this list will display all of the user’s NIH review meetings for that year.

Additional information can be found at the Continuous Submissions website.  A list of current applicants eligible for Continuous Submission including enddates can be found here.

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