Did You Know…? NPA Comments on Proposed Overtime Regulations


In early July, President Obama published details on proposed changes to rules defining which employees are exempted from receiving overtime pay. The new rules propose changing the “exempt” employee status from >$23,660 to <$50,400. The full details of the Administration’s proposal were published Monday, July 6. The comment period closes this Friday, September 4.  Those most affected by this rule change on university campuses across the nation would be postdoctoral researchers.

On Aug. 28, the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) posted its comments calling for a graduated approach to increasing post doc salaries: “….The proposed salary changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will require institutions employing postdocs to determine whether they remain exempt if the salary minimum for exemption is raised to $50,440. While postdoc salaries should be raised, the NPA is concerned that if the proposed change to $50,440 is made effective immediately, it may have unintended consequences that would negatively affect postdoctoral scholars in the short term…”  The NPA full statement can be read here.

Postdoctoral researchers and their mentors should take the time to comment on how these proposed changes could affect their labs and workflow.

2 Comments on “Did You Know…? NPA Comments on Proposed Overtime Regulations”

  1. WZ

    I was a postdoc fellow and I knew how happy I was when I saw my salary increase. Now as a PI, I wish I could pay my fellows at high salary so that they could live better. However, it is difficult to get grants nowadays. Unless there are more funds from government, foundations and institute, it would be difficult to hire postdocs or other exempt employees with high salary. As a consequence, the PIs will not be able to provide training opportunities for these fellows. Many of them will have hard time to find a position after graduate. At the same time, the PIs will be less productive because they could not have enough hands to work on projects. Then the PIs will have less chance to get grants in the future.

    I suggest that UTMB do not increase the mandatory salary for exempt employees so that we can offer these fellows training opportunities and give them bright futures. At the same time, I do support to treat them well when funds are available and will try my best to help them with their career developments.