Since April 2017

PI Dept Title Sponsor Total All Years
Bourne, Nigel Pediatric Vaccinology HSV testing in animal models Conrad (federal flow through from US Agency for International Development)  $           57,711
Freiberg, Alexander Niclas Pathology Arenavirus entry inhibitors Arisan Therapeutics Corporation  $           14,320
Garcia-Blanco, Mariano Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Consequences and Mechanism of Aberrant Splicing in African American Prostate Cancer George Washington University (federal flow through from NCI)  $         352,625
Geisbert, Thomas W Microbiology And Immunology Mechanisms of Evasion of the Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Filoviruses Georgia State University (federal flow through from NIAID)  $         503,122
Geisbert, Thomas W Microbiology And Immunology Preclinical Development of Human Monoclonal Antibodies for Postexposure Treatment of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever National Inst of Allergy & Infectious Diseases  $      6,014,180
Hughes, Grant Pathology Portable, high-surety detection of Zika virus directly in mosquitoes and humans Paratus Diagnostics  $             7,750
Khan, M Firoze Pathology Trichloroethene Exposure and Autoimmune Hepatitis National Inst of Environmental Health Sciences  $      1,743,750
Kramer, George C Anesthesiology TraumaCath Preliminary Study TheraNova, LLC (federal flow through from DTRA)  $           22,379
Liu, Hua Ophthalmology cAMP/EPAC1 pathway in retinal neuronal damage after ischemic injury American Heart Association-National  $         231,000
Makino, Shinji Microbiology And Immunology Rational Development of a Novel Attenuated Rift Valley Fever Virus Vaccine National Inst of Allergy & Infectious Diseases  $         426,250
McGrath, Christine OB/Gyn Adol Research Impact of ART Adherence and Early Infant HIV Diagnosis on the Effectiveness of Option B+ in Kenya University of Washington (federal flow through from CDC)  $           25,124
McGrath, Christine OB/Gyn Adol Research Assessment of adolescents HIV care in large HIV Treatment Programs in Kenya University of Washington (federal flow through from CDC)  $             9,749
McGrath, Christine OB/Gyn Adol Research Prevalence, Cofactors, and Types of Family Planning Methods Used by HIV-infected Women in HIV Care Programs in Kenya University of Washington (federal flow through from CDC)  $             9,749
Motin, Vladimir Pathology Research collaborator services to Collaborative Biological Engagement Program CH2M HILL Inc (federal flow through from Defense Threat Reduction Agency)  $           69,868
Paessler, Slobodan Pathology Elucidation of mechanisms of pathogenicity stability and immunogenicity of novel live attenuated vaccine against Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever and its applications Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  $         101,200
Patel, Pooja Rani OB/GYN – GYN Research An intervention to increase LARC use in adolescent females National Inst of Child Health & Human Development  $         472,296
Rajarathnam, Krishna Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Malvern MicroCal PEAQ Isothermal Titration Calorimeter Office of The Director – Natl Inst Hlth  $         120,350
Rodriguez, Ana M OB/GYN – GYN Research Improving Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Through Public Outreach, Patient Navigation and Telementoring University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer (flow through from CPRIT)  $        151,565
Temple, Jeffrey R Ob/Gyn – Behav Health & Rsrch Preventing Teen Dating and Youth Violence by Addressing Shared Risk and Protective Factors City of Houston (federal flow through from CDC)  $          90,883
Thangamani, Saravanan Pathology Tick Determinants of Powassan Virus Transmission National Inst of Allergy & Infectious Diseases  $     1,921,000
Torres, Alfredo Microbiology And Immunology Defining Correlates of Production of a Broad-spectrum Attenuated Burkholderia Vaccine Defense Threat Reduction Agency  $     1,547,264
Tseng, Chien-Te K Microbiology And Immunology Evaluation of Adenovirus- based MERS Vaccines in vivo King Abdulaziz University  $          77,000
Wang, Tian Microbiology And Immunology Revolutionary Eilat-based Chikungunya Vaccine Vector National Inst of Allergy & Infectious Diseases  $     2,939,058
Wong, Rebeca PMCH-Administration Health of Older Minorities National Inst on Aging  $             886,860
Yu,  Xiaoying PMCH-Administration Improving prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission outcomes in Malawi Baylor College of Medicine (flow through from Fogarty International Center)  $                 5,357
Zhou,  Jia Pharmacology Drug Discovery of Bax Activators for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Department of Defense  $             744,938