UTMB Research Services arranges external reviews of research proposals.

1. It is all voluntary
2. Any proposal to an external agency or foundation with a total budget of >$275,000 qualifies for review
3. All UTMB faculty investigators, at all ranks and levels of experience, are encouraged to participate.

1. The faculty member alerts the intention to submit grant 45-60 days prior to submission date using the attached form. Please send the form to Ms. Lucy Gonzales,

2. The UTMB Research will contact potential reviewers and arrange compensation etc. For each proposal, one review will be sought from the scientific expert and one review will be sought for the grantsmanship.

3. The faculty member provides complete draft of Specific Aims and Research Strategy (e.g. 13 pages for an R01), Literature Cited, and biosketches, at least 30 days prior to submission deadline.

4. UTMB Research will ensure timely review, and provide such reviews as they are returned.

5. A database of reviewers contacted, those who agreed, their timeliness, and quality of reviews provided will be maintained for continuing use.

This review structure is initially intended for individual applications such as R01, R21 and K type applications. It is assumed that groups that are planning center grants, program projects and other large proposals will want to establish their own external reviews on an earlier schedule (e.g. 60 days prior to submission). The Office of Research will work with those groups to facilitate such reviews.
Please feel free to email Dr. Garg or Dr. Niesel with questions about this program.