Customer service in a medical setting, and social media

Martha Livanec shared a good article about how Scripps Health manages social media. I’ve shared the link to the full article below, but included some of the main points in this post. Like we would propose to do at UTMB Health, it sounds like Scripps has opted to focus their efforts on a few channels, in their case mostly Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. Here are some main points  from the article, which was written by Ginger Anderson:

  • Make sure you’re listening. Set up Google alerts, emails and/or texts to let you know whenever your organization is mentioned online or when a new review is posted.
  • Be timely. Just like your hospital operates 24 hours, so does social media. Responding quickly shows patients you care and are serious about helping them. This doesn’t just apply to the person reaching out in the social spaces, but whoever is committed to resolving patient complaints.
  • Lower your defenses. A simple “I am so sorry” and “we want to help” can go a long way. A defensive response usually will backfire–not to mention the patient will probably include a defensive reaction in the story he’s passing on to friends.
  • Take action. Listening and responding are worthless unless you’re doing something with that information.
  • Share the bad and the good. Motivate employees by sharing positive shout-outs from Twitter and Facebook and great Yelp reviews. Consider including them in internal newsletters in a “social corner.”

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2 Comments on “Customer service in a medical setting, and social media”

  1. Mary Gibbs, Answer2

    Great advice on how to provide the best customer service possible. These rules don’t just apply to medical settings, but all settings in general. In any situation that requires customer service it is important to provide the best there is. We take pride in the fact that we care about customer service so much and know how to act in those situations.

  2. Plastic Surgeon

    This is a great example of how new media can be used to better serve the consumer. Keeping up with social media trends can be crucial to the long term success of a business.