New guidelines proposed to govern social media use and publishing at UTMB

A new set of guidelines is being proposed to help manage the use of social media at UTMB. The guidelines seek to help  formalize UTMB’s social media programs, provide additional oversight, standards and resources including training.

The guidelines—which align with practices in use at similar organizations—build on existing policies, will require site registration, and offer publishers much more detail about setting up and maintaining an effective social presence. The document grew from recommendations made in a social media audit conducted in 2014. The audit called for the  Office of Marketing and Communications to “develop formal guidelines and best practices to support social media strategy and policy including, but not limited to, terms of use, legal disclaimers, program ownership, monitoring, site/account approval and administration, and site administrator training.”

The document is a draft; your input is welcome and appreciated.

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You can read the full audit results online, and please contact us with questions.