Social media site registration now here

If you’ve been following our work, you know registration of new and exitsing UTMB social media sites was one of the recommendations that came out of an internal audit done in August of 2014 (summarized here).

The target was to have this component (registration mechanism for social sites and site owners) in place by Dec. 31, 2015. The form and process to register all UTMB-related social media sites are now ready: it’s online, simple and and convenient.

While we’re initially focusing on NEW site requests (we’ll direct any new queries down this path), users may also add their existing sites. (We’re focusing on new sites because many existing sites are already in our inventory, and with a little more development we may be able to save people a bit of additional effort.)

1) To request a new site (or register an existing one not in the inventory): [Visit this form]

2) Log in using your UTMB user name and password

3) Fill out the fields and hit submit

For new sites, approval will be aligned according to the Guidelines for UTMB Health Social Media Accounts, and against the current inventory of UTMB social media accounts.

The audit recommended that the Office of Marketing and Communications “develop formal guidelines and best practices to support social media strategy and policy including, but not limited to, terms of use, legal disclaimers, program ownership, monitoring, site/account approval and administration, and site administrator training.”

For more information regarding the social media audit and UTMB’s social media strategy and guidelines read this blog. Send comments or ask questions at