Social media training ready for your review

Last summer we worked with a team from Audit Services on a comprehensive review of our institutional social media program; we recapped it here. One of the needs identified in the plan was user training for people charged with administering institutionally branded social media sites. Today we’re pleased to be able to allow you to view that training, in a fairly concise and self-paced, PDF-based training module.

We plan to use this approximately 20-slide training module as the basis for additional training (including some in-person instruction) and brief, topic-specific modules. We’re really interested in your feedback and thoughts about this first public version. We anticipate that this training or something like it will be a prerequisite for those requesting and/or managing official UTMB social media sites going forward. We want to ensure that the training is useful, accessible and not overly burdensome.

You can access the training here. (PDF, iSpace link)

Please let us know what you think. Send feedback to