Facebook’s new Business Page format – Aug. 2016

Have you noticed that your Facebook page looks different? If it doesn’t yet, it probably will soon.
You may need to do some reformatting as the profile photo is no longer at the bottom left of the cover banner image. Also, the name of your page is no longer superimposed over the cover image. So, the profile photo will no longer cover up anything in the cover image, and the readability of the page name on top of an image will no longer be an issue – hooray! At least, not until Facebook changes its format again, which as one blogger writes, “Facebook changes happen more regularly than my teenager changes his socks… ” Her blog post has good information about these changes as does this video.
To change the order of appearance of the elements on your page, click on Manage Tabs under your profile image – drag to reorder and Save changes.

8-4-2016 1-54-57 PM