Author: Pep Valdes

Changing of the (social media) guard…

Many of you knew and worked with our colleague Myra McCollum; for many years Myra helped guide our institutional foray into social media and helped craft many of the practices and policies that we employ at UTMB today. Myra retired in December, and is enjoying her well-earned break. It is… Read more »

The world wide Facebook

Have a professional interest in social media (or marketing or web development or business or communication or…)? There’s an article you need to read. Wired recently posted a piece by Davey Alba about Facebook. It speaks to topics that help justify/validate why so much of our social strategy at UTMB… Read more »

Facebook traffic “plummets”?

We still get requests with some frequency from departments or areas at UTMB interested in developing a Facebook presence.  That’s not surprising; for the past couple of years, Facebook has to many people been the first thing they think of when “social media” gets uttered. Although the tool/community has lost some of its… Read more »

Interested in video?

Two of our campus multimedia gurus are going to be putting together a one-hour workshop of tips and tricks for web-based video.  The workshop will be free and open to the campus community. We are looking at some tentative dates in the next few weeks. Once we nail down details, we’ll send the information… Read more »

Follow the money

The Internet is not friendly  to the status quo. Remember Netscape? AOL? MySpace? Digg? (Insert many other “hot and hyped” web properties that withered). I was thinking of this the other day as I read about Facebook investor Peter Thiel’s  sale of a majority of his stake in the social media juggernaut, and of… Read more »

The Big McD and control of social media

Whether you love or love to hate McDonalds, few can argue with the corporation’s success (kazillions served). It should come as no surprise that McD has a sophisticated social media strategy in place. And in spite of their expertise and resources, things often don’t go as planned, even for them. Part of a successful… Read more »

YouTube moving toward quality over quantity

According to a recent article and some data in AdAge, YouTube is getting smaller in a metric that used to mean everything: views. The new focus in engagement;  the move is likely to help content providers like UTMB, where we tend to have information-rich content that (hopefully) is more “sticky” than a kitten… Read more »

Coke’s social media principles

Myra found and shared this link with me, and I really like the approach Coca-Cola took with their employees in addressing the needs and opportunities offered by social media. As they report, there are “5000 conversations” taking place daily about them. I think they took a wise stance in encouraging/advising their far-flung workforce… Read more »

Facebook vs. twitter, Part 2

The dated content on my most recent post sent me in search of some more current information. Sure enough, I found another infographic, this one based on a survey of 2000 Internet users collected in December 2011, so it’s pretty current.   In a nutshell, both platforms have their benefits, but: 85% of users… Read more »