The People

Who are we? We are you.

Although our charge comes from senior leadership, the composition of our workgroup is very much made up of “regular folks.” We are clinicians and communicators, graphic designers and IT geeks, administrators and support staff, faculty and students. Among us we have MDs and PhDs and office staff; people starting their careers and those who’ve been around long enough to see it all.

And we all share one thing: An understanding that social media is changing the world. Our goal is to collectively help position our organization for these changes.

We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise, by bringing ideas and open minds to the table, by collaborating. In a nutshell, we’re working together to to work wonders.

At the moment, we are:

Academic Services
Raymond Curran (Video)
Robert Marlin (Library)
Julie Trumble (Library)

Alumni Relations
Kimberly Barfield
Rena Lidstone

Angleton Danbury Campus
Katrina Lambrecht

Auxiliary Enterprises
Brandon Morton
Jussi Tinnemeyer

Center for Obesity & Metabolic Surgery
Sukwan Jolley

Community-based Clinics
Brittni Leffage

Shena Pearson

Educational Development
Anne Rudnicki

Enrollment Services – Registrar
Erica Vasquez

Faculty Group Practice
Rex McCallum

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Kristen Peek
Denise Reed
Tammie Taylor

Health Policy & Legislative Affairs
Frederick (Ryan) Micks
Becky Trout – Community Outreach
Cissy Yoes – Knowledge Management & Data Resources

DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Pool) social media project – Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver
Dylan Lancaster

Hospital Admin
Emily Blomberg
Mary Feldhusen
Mark Kirschbaum
Erin Swearingen

Alexa Akim, Admin., communications specialist
Imelda Wicks, Diversity & Inclusion
– Frances Streeter, Diversity Council; legal officer, Office of Technology Transfer

Jerome Crowder

Information Services
Matt Havard
Todd Leach
Robert Shaffer

Institute for Translational Sciences (Office of Clinical Research)

Interprofessional Education (IPE)
Shelley Smith

Internet Technology Committee (ITC – members not listed elsewhere)
Tonya R. Broussard
Mike J. King
Toby Smith
Chris Edwards
Tim Hilt
Cynde Ferris
Mark Schultze
Lindsay Sonstein

Legal Services & Compliance
Nicole Aquino – Compliance atty.
Tobin Boenig
Carolanda Bremond
Carolee King

Marketing and Communications
(Steve Campbell)
KirstiAnn Clifford
Michael G. Cooper
Mary Deming
Stephen Hadley
Melissa Harman
Mary G. Havard
Myra McCollum
Raul Reyes
Tamara Sherrod
Bob Skaggs
Christian von Eschenbach (Video)
Pep Valdes
Tonya Fletcher Visor

David Niesel
Kathleen Sabala

Sharon Chapman – RM&CHP

Cheshe Langford
Vicente Resto

Patient Services
Martha Livanec

Cynthia Judice
Lauren Raimer-Goodman
Crystal Sierra
Tayna Vazquez (and OB-Gyn)

President’s Office
Sheila Lidstone

Provost’s Office
Alexis Loyd
Michelle Moreno
Mary Jo Singleton

School of Health Professions
Michelle Conley
Sheryl Green

School of Nursing
Dorothy Pearrow
Laura Phillips
Trish Richard
Jene Spruce-Jamail

Kristi Elliott, Linda Phillips (Plastic)
Kristene Gugliuzza
Barb Petit
Steve Schuenke

Student Life
Mike Cromie
Erin Ellis
Bryan Hoynacke

Texas Transplant Center at UTMB
Blair Brown

Join us? We welcome you.