Congratulations to our recently graduated 2014-15 fellows of ELAM and ELATE

Freeman Garg RiallThree of our faculty members recently completed one-year fellowships in national leadership development programs for women faculty members. Drs. Nisha Garg and Taylor Riall recently completed fellowships in the Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) program, a part-time fellowship for women faculty in schools of medicine, dentistry and public health. Dr. Vicki Freeman graduated from the Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) program. Both programs are sponsored through Drexel University.

ELAM is dedicated to preparing women for senior leadership roles at academic health science institutions; the program enhances institutional leadership diversity, while contributing to organizational strategy and innovation. More than 800 ELAM alumnae hold vital roles at institutions around the world, including department chairs, research center directors, deans and college presidents, as well as chief executives in health care and accrediting organizations.

Dr. Nisha Garg, Professor in our Departments of Microbiology & Immunology and Pathology and internationally recognized expert in parasitology, says that the ELAM program allowed her to develop a large network of colleagues from various medical schools around the country, which she can reach out to for advice. ELAM also gave her a new perspective on UTMB. “I developed a deeper appreciation for my colleagues at UTMB who gave me time, support and feedback; and importantly, the opportunity to develop programs that are aligned with institutional priorities in research. ELAM also helped me develop a broader vision of my professional role within the organization.”

Dr. Taylor Riall, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Center for Comparative Effectiveness and Cancer Outcomes also mentions the rich network of diverse contacts as an important benefit of the program, adding, “ELAM was a very powerful and worthwhile experience. It stretched me both professionally and personally and contributed to my academic progress.”

ELATE is a national leadership development program designed to advance senior women faculty in academic engineering, computer science and related fields into effective institutional leadership roles within their schools and universities. Dr. Vicki Freeman, Professor and Chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Department and Associate Dean for Faculty Development in the School of Health Professions, was invited to participate in the program because of her background in biochemistry and laboratory sciences.

Dr. Freeman says that the experience allowed her learn about differences between traditional campuses across the country and academic health science centers, such as UTMB. She also gained valuable knowledge about budgeting and strategic planning, which helped her put UTMB’s processes into perspective. “One of the best experiences was meeting with different leaders on the UTMB campus to learn about their pathways to leadership and some of their challenges,” Dr. Freeman says. “I would highly recommend this program for other individuals who are looking at or are in leadership positions.”