Revenue Cycle Operations assessment

This summer, McKinnis Consulting Services conducted an assessment of Revenue Cycle Operations and presented a report to School of Medicine and Health System leadership in early September. The findings of their assessment identified net revenue opportunities through several different initiatives.

McKinnis was engaged to assist with implementation of recommended initiatives, which are centered around process improvements as well as optimization of the Epic system.

The assessment included meetings with School of Medicine and Health System leadership, and shadowing of revenue cycle employees to understand processes and work flows. The consultants have begun the implementation plan for these initiatives.

We will continue to report the status and progress of these efforts in various forums such as the Quarterly MSRDP Meeting, Council of Chairs and MSRDP Budget and Finance Meeting. If you are interested in more specific information, please contact Becky Korenek, Interim Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations at (409) 747-2210.