Stay in the Know: Weekly Relay

Communication is key to building trust and achieving success in our institution’s missions. Each week, work teams across UTMB gather to find out the latest happenings around UTMB, ask questions and share department news. More than a year ago, we introduced these Weekly Relays at our institution to strengthen our internal communications. Today, Weekly Relay is our institution’s main communications vehicle.

Weekly Relay is your first resource for everything UTMB!

  • Face time: This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, offer suggestions or delve deeper with your colleagues and supervisor
  • Need-to-know information: Get the latest on the day-to-day happenings that impact you and your department
  • Action items: From benefits enrollment to My Road Ahead, learn about upcoming tasks and deadlines
  • Broader discussion topics: Learn more about our institution’s strategic planning efforts, overall missions and financial health
  • Kudos: Get the word out about great things happening at UTMB

See a Weekly Relay in action

I encourage you to actively participate in Weekly Relay and to think about ways you and your team can improve communication. For questions about Weekly Relay, email

Thank you for doing your part to improve communication at UTMB.