Tips ‘n’ Tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone is likely familiar with some version of a keyboard shortcuts or key combinations (you used Ctrl+Alt+Del to login). Some other popular combinations are Windows+L to lock your machine, Alt+Print Screen to take a screenshot of the active window or Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V which translate to Cut, Copy and Paste respectively. You can also create your own shortcuts by right-clicking on any windows application and choosing Properties and then selecting the ‘Shortcut’ tab which should display the menu in the screenshot below. By entering a unique key, such as “C” for the calculator application (it will automatically add the “Ctrl+Alt+”) you’ll set your own shortcut and no longer need to dig through the Start Menu when you’re needing to use the application. Additional details can be found here which also contains a list of all Windows 7 shortcuts. Let us know if you have any additional tips or tricks to suggest and watch the blog for additional hints to make your work more efficient.

Shortcut Screenshot