2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award

14138607994_8058f8e41e_bA big congratulations to our administrative assistant extraordinaire Kelley Kaiser. She was recently awarded the 2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award at UTMB’s Earth Day events. Kelley worked on a project to replace the current water bottle delivery system with a local filtration system using tap water, at the Clear Lake Center (CLC) offices of Information Services.

Not only are we expecting to save a lot of money with this initiative, but we will also do some good for the environment. Think about all the fuel cost of delivering full water bottles, and hauling the empty ones away. Information Services will cut down the the monthly water bill by more than 80 per cent by replacing the three water bottle dispenser units with filtered water dispenser units. We compared the total average water bottle delivery charges of $650 monthly to the $90 per month for the filtered water dispenser units. This easily justified the change financially.

Regarding the other Green, consider the annual environmental impact of the saved fuel cost by not delivering over 800 full bottles of water weighing 40 pounds each, and hauling the empty bottles away. We are excited about sharing this initiative with the UTMB community; in hopes of other departments making this change around campus.  This will both save us some Green on the bottom line as well as the environment!