Paperless Recommendation & Effective Meeting Strategy

Sticky Notes

-Take meeting notes during the session (or assign someone to) and send the follow up at the conclusion or shortly thereafter

-Prefer text summary instead of screenshots or recordings because it’s searchable and more concise (although combinations are effective for documentation purposes)

-Be succinct but also use keywords (so you can refer back to certain tags)

-Record action items, responsibilities, and expected deliverable timelines as well as attendance

-Organize and store notes for easy access (possibly using iSpace)

-Applications: Sticky Notes (in Win 7 or above), Outlook Tasks, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, (Search “Productivity” in any Application Marketplace)

-Benefits: less paper consumption, entirely searchable, more easily editable, spell check, legible

Now you can clutter your digital desktop and your physical desktop will stay clean :-). Please Comment with any additional recommendations you’d like to share!