Author: Darwin VanDyke

Kids and Computers

Happy Friday! This reminded me of a time when my 2-year old physically hit the keyboard on the computer and within about 10 seconds had systematically disabled the keyboard and touchpad, which took me around 20 minutes to fix. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Signature in Email

This tip is relatively simple but if you’d like to update your email signature to the institutional standard you can do so by visiting to download documentation and a template. There are also a number of other good resources available at Let us know if you have any Tips… Read more »

RSS Feeds in Outlook

This tip I attempted to share via email as well since it corresponds to receiving notifications from the blog and highlights the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed feature. You are able to receive blog updates in Outlook by right-clicking on the ‘RSS Feeds’ folder (displayed in the ‘Mail’ and ‘Folder… Read more »