Congratulations to the April & May 2016  GEM winners: Betty Brown from Bryan Fisher – Decommissioning GNL hardware at Arlington Data Center. Betty’s effort was not insignificant and she was not required to do this for GNL. Her efforts are very much appreciated. Jeanie McJunkins from Barbara Minderhout – Thank you for… Read more »

Congratulations to the March 2016 GEM winners

Gerald Puccetti. Nomination submitted by JoAnn Diaz in Medicine Cardiology.  Statement: Very hard working and made my life easier.  Team Player. Kendall Tarrant.  Nomination submitted by Gerald Puccetti in IS Operations.  Statement: Thanks for taking the lead on updating all the Voalte phones for TDCJ and the Towers. Jeanie McJunkins.… Read more »

Congratulations GEM winners

Congratulations to the winners from the January 2016 GEM Drawing Fausto Cruz – From Heather Weitz:  Outstanding customer service assisting me in resolving a LD authorization code issue for the Finance Assistant Controller. Thank you! Doug Vincent – From Steven Schmid: Unbelievably long hours and excellent work to get the… Read more »

Congratulations GEM winners

Congratulations to the winners from the October 2015 GEM  drawing   Benjamin Hauser – From Kelley Pohlemann: Ben has played a key role making several IS Projects successful, I would like to thank him and his can do attitude.  Keep up the outstanding work. Rayna McKinley – From Kelley Pohlemann: … Read more »

GEM Card Winners

GEM Card Winners:    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for “Going the Extra Mile”.  July 2015 winners Darren Cleveland  from Jeff Weddle:  “Thank you for volunteering your time to assist with Beaker Go-Live, it was a long hard week but we pulled together as team and impressed the organization with… Read more »