Q & A

Will the Provost’s POWER Application become an authoritative source for information on UTMB employees?

ANONYMOUS QUESTION Dear Todd, I have encountered people from other departments who are promoting the Provost’s ‘Power’ application as the authoritative source for information on UTMB employees (not just those under the Provost). Some are planning to use feeds from Power instead of PeopleSoft for their own applications. Has there… Read more »

UTMB IS Staff Locations and Numbers

ANONYMOUS QUESTION Todd, I realize it is an ever-changing number, but it would be informative to get an occasional update on how many IS employees work in our various locations across the region. For instance, x number work on campus, x number downtown, x number at CLC, etc. Your discussion… Read more »

How’s the water?

ANONYMOUS QUESTION FROM THE BLOG: The new water machines taste like crap-ola. Any chance of returning to bottled water? RESPONSE: This question references a recent change we made at Clear Lake Center to use water filter machines instead of a bottled water service.  The change saved money, resulted in a positive environmental… Read more »