Exemplary Service Training

UTMB Human Resources: Organizational and Workforce Development will provide  the “HR Training Class Exemplary Service Using AIDET” training to all Information Services staff on the following dates.


Room 3.324 Levin Hall; July 10 for 2 sessions- 1-2 pm and 2:30-3:30 pm

Room 3.320 Levin Hall; July 11 for 2 sessions 9-10 a.m. and 10:30-11:30 a.m.

We would like to see 100% participation from all Information Services staff. A training class will also be done at CLC, you will receive additional information on these dates soon.

Please contact me via email or telephone with any questions you may have.


Big Kudo’s to all the IT Teams involved in the relocation of the SICU unit back down to 2a.  This project was very challenging due to the critical path and timelines required to get this area up and running for a smooth transition of these patients.  Considering the limited amount of space and time for execution of our tasks to complete this effort within facilities’ timeline, the newly remodeled SICU looks fantastic.  Hospital Administration and all our customers are very pleased with the outcome.   This is another example of team work by IS.  The placement of the thin clinics in the windows using the recessed, wood-paneled mounts was creative and resulted in an attractive look.   I was told a special shout-out and thank you is in order to Jodi Montemayor who was critical in managing and monitoring the task to a successful completion.

 Great job!  These facilities will be a comfort to the families that will be visiting the patients in these rooms.




                 I would like to than all of CMC Tech Ops for the excellent work they did for preparing for and successfully completing the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD – originally TYC) upgrade to Pearl 7.0 EMR for Corrections. This upgrade included and impacted 16 TJJD facilities across the state and over 200 PCs and 300 staff. Testing on two separate weekends over the last several months both from the TJJD facilities and in the Huntsville Pharmacy certainly prepared us for a very successful go live conversion this past weekend. The conversion occurred without a hitch and was completed on Sunday morning rather the than originally scheduled Monday morning. All TJJD staff were trained over the last month and they are now on the same Pearl 7.0 EMR version as TDCJ. The CMC Tech Ops staff worked many overtime hours and weekends to ensure the conversion was successful and that quality service was delivered to our customer. UTMB clinical staff working in the TJJD facilities can now benefit from the 300+ Pearl EMR enhancements we have done for correctional facilities.


Mickey Bourdeau

New additions to the IS Family

Please help me in making some of our newest employees feel very welcome to be joining the IS family.

Meet Natasha Thomas with the IS Clinical Revenue Team


 Meet Michelle Dove, she joined the IS Admin Systems team



Meet Douglas McDowell with the IS Ops Network team

Tropics Watch Update


Current Position: 22.5N 89.5W
Geographic Reference: 505 miles west-southwest of Key West, FL
Movement: Nearly stationary
Organizational Trend: Increasing slightly
Chance of Development Within the Next 48 Hours: 80 percent
Chance of Development Beyond 48 Hours: 95 percent
Chance of Hurricane Intensity Within the Next 48 Hours: 10 percent
Chance of Hurricane Intensity Beyond 48 Hours: 50 percent


Changes from the Previous Forecast
This system could slow more in the north central Gulf of Mexico as steering currents collapse. This would delay any landfall until later next week.


Our Forecast
We expect the disturbance to make its way into the central Gulf of Mexico over the next 48 hours and then slow down as steering currents weaken. This is where the models diverge somewhat. With it slowing in the central Gulf, the earliest we think it could reach Texas would be on Thursday. A track to the northeast toward Florida still looks less likely than a westward turn into Texas. Considering the divergence track paths and times in model guidance beyond 72 hours, confidence in the forecast track remains low.


Disturbance 11 is showing signs of increasing organization and we think it is likely that the disturbance will become a tropical depression as early as tonight and perhaps a tropical storm on Saturday. Considering the amount of time it will spend over the Gulf of Mexico, there is good chance of it reaching hurricane intensity next week.


Expected Impacts to Land
Yucatan Peninsula: Strong squalls in the region will linger into the weekend bringing heavy rainfall. 6-10 inches of accumulation is possible over the next 72 hours.
South and Central Florida Peninsula: Thunderstorms are likely to be enhanced by this system through the weekend, especially in the afternoon hours. Periods of heavy rain are possible.
Louisiana Coastal Areas: Some isolated squalls could develop by Saturday morning. Squalls are more likely as the weekend progresses and this could lead to locally heavy rain. Increasing easterly winds offshore could result in tides 1-2 feet above normal today and up to 2-4 feet above normal over the weekend.
Mississippi Coast through the Florida Panhandle: Scattered squalls could form by this evening, lasting on and off through the weekend. Tides may increase to 1-2 feet above normal where onshore winds occur.
Texas and Northeastern Mexican Coast: The first squalls to reach the area would be Tuesday at the earliest with increasing squalls into Wednesday.


Expected Impacts to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Squalls could develop later this afternoon with an increasing risk of squalls into the weekend.


Whats on your mind?

Ok.. This is your chance to let us know what is on your mind IS…

 Hit us with the burning questions that you would like answered and we will work to get you answers.. This is very broad out of design, we want to to know the hot topics!!


As a little bonus, the first person to post thought provoking questions gets a UTMB travel mug..

Keep an eye on the tropics..

Current Position: 25.0N 86.1W
Geographic Reference: 280 miles west of Key West, FL
Movement: Northwestward near 6 mph
Organizational Trend: Increasing slightly
Chance of Development Within the Next 48 Hours: 40 percent
Chance of Development Beyond 48 Hours: 60 percent

Changes from the Previous Forecast
There are no major changes.

Our Forecast
Disturbance 11 is the dominant and distinct low in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and it will soon aborb the smaller and weaker Disturbance 15. After the two combine, there is a very high level of uncertainty with regards to the track. Our thinking remains that the system will be captured by a trough to the north. This will result in an east-northeastward motion toward the Florida Peninsula or Panhandle. However, an alternative scenario is for the system to miss the trough. This would result in a more westward track toward the western Gulf. This is considered unlikely at this time.

The low level structure of the disturbance is becoming better defined and the upper winds are likely to gradually become more favorable for development. For these reasons, along with most computer models indicating development, the chance of development is 40 percent within the next 48 hours and 60 percent beyond the next 48 hours.

Expected Impacts to Land
Cayman Islands: Conditions should improve as the disturbance moves away.
South and Central Florida Peninsula: Squalls will continue through the next few days, with periodic heavy rain possible.
Central to Southeastern Louisiana Coastal Areas: The first squalls could reach the area on Friday morning. Heavy rain is possible from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Increasing easterly winds offshore could result in tides 1-2 feet above normal by Friday morning and up to 2-4 feet above normal over the weekend.
Mississippi Coast Through the Central Florida Panhandle: Squalls could reach the area by Friday evening, lasting through the weekend. Tides may increase to 1-2 feet above normal on Saturday due to increasing easterly winds offshore. Tides could increase more on Sunday, depending upon whether or not a tropical storm develops in the north-central to northeastern Gulf.

Expected Impacts to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Squalls associated with the northern periphery of the disturbance could begin to impact the deepwater areas off southeastern Louisiana by Thursday night. This means that the last guaranteed full day of good flying weather for helicopter operations will likely be Thursday. Heavier squalls could begin impacting the area by Friday morning. These squalls could last through Monday.

The next advisory will be issued by 11 AM CDT.

Meteorologist: Dante Diaz


Clear Lake Center Update

I am happy to report that I just met with Facilities and the contractors about the new CLC space and things are moving right along. It is finally starting to look like office space and it looks like we will have a very nice suite once it is complete!!!  Below is the latest time schedule update.


Phase II

Construction – 5/21 – 7/27

Furniture install – 7/30 – 8/10

Moves from Campus – 8/13 – 8/17

Move suite 80 & phase I (temp suite) – 8/20 – 8/24

Unpacked & set up – 8/27 – 8/31

Operational – 8/31


Phase III & IV

Construction – 8/27 – 9/21

Install Furniture – 9/24 – 9/28

Move suite 110 & 2nd floor – 10/1 – 10/5

Unpacked & set up – 10/8 – 10/12

Operational – 10/12