Hurricane Prep Meeting at 11am… Don’t miss it

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2012 Hurricane Prep Made Simple: A Meeting for the UTMB Community


11 a.m. Tuesday, June 5

Levin Hall Main Auditorium

June 1 brings the start of hurricane season, and preparation is the key to successfully weathering any storm. Everyone is encouraged to attend this one-hour, concise overview of UTMB’s hurricane response plan. Learn more about how decisions are made when a storm enters the Gulf, the outlook for the 2012 season, your responsibilities as an individual student or employee, and how the university will communicate with you before, during and after a storm. You’ll also have time to ask questions.


Speakers include:

  • · Dr. Steve Quach, Institutional Emergency Preparedness Officer
  • · Impact Weather Service
  • · Debbie Conley, UTMB Human Resources
  • · Lt. Anthony Curry, UTMB Police
  • · Mary Havard, UTMB Public Affairs


*** Summer Dress Code*****

Summer is upon us and with it we have a new dress code for Information Services..

By proclamation of our great leader Ralph Farr, Vice President and Chief Information Officer; all staff are now allowed to dress down for summer.

No ties required, short sleeves are acceptable. Please use discretion when meeting with customers and dress appropriately for whatever your function is. If you are allowed to wear jeans today, then that is fine; otherwise no jeans are allowed. The same goes for sandals and shorts.

Please keep the dress professional.

If you have any questions you may respond on here or contact your supervisor.

Kudos-Margaret Wilson would like to recognize some of our own!

I want to recognize Donna Peace, Mitch Negrini and Chris Martinez for the outstanding job they have done on activating the data jacks in the John Sealy OR’s for the EPIC portion of the Wiring/Rewiring Project. All data jacks for Epic Thin Clients (Anesthesia and RN) in each room are active! GREAT JOB to Donna, Mitch and Chris, I really appreciate all you have done to make this a success… Kudos to each of you!!!!

Thank You!!

Welcome to your Blog!

I hope this becomes the first of many informative discussions about the department. So many of you may be asking yourself why a blog, why call it the “watercooler”, what is this all about? Please take a moment and read the “about this blog” section, hopefully it will answer all your questions and set the tone for the blog.


If not, just ask and we will be happy to discuss it more.


Way to to go Desktop Projects group for the Primary Care Pavillion equipment deployment. This was a major undertaking where we are setting up over 400 devices to pave the way for the re-opening of the Primary Care Pavillion.

Yet one more example of how Information Services is helping to rebuild the University.

Thanks for all your hard work!


The Clincal documentation group recently completed a gruelling upgrade to the UTMB Epic EHR, bringing it up to Epic 10. This was a monumental step as it provides the foundation to begin our efforts in transitioning to ICD-10 compliance and had to be complete prior to the development of the Patient Access and Revenue Cycle project, code named UTMB Connect.

This was a major milestone that impacted all users of the EHR applicaton. A big thank you to all the teams and employees that worked so hard to make sure that this was success. While you all make it look so easy, we know that it wasn’t..

Thanks for all that you do.

You scream, we scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

Back by popular demand!!! What better way to ring in summer in the south than a good old fashioned Ice Cream Social. We are looking at having an ice cream social the week of July 4th both in Galveston and CLC to make sure we hit the majority of the department.

So this is what we need from you… Sorry but majority will rule…

For Galveston Monday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd?
For CLC Monday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd?

For obvious logistic reasons we will split up the ice cream between these two days based on the responses that we receive.

As an added bonus the first two people to respond will get a UTMB health travel mug!!