Congratulations to the March 2016 GEM winners

Gerald Puccetti. Nomination submitted by JoAnn Diaz in Medicine Cardiology.  Statement: Very hard working and made my life easier.  Team Player.

Kendall Tarrant.  Nomination submitted by Gerald Puccetti in IS Operations.  Statement: Thanks for taking the lead on updating all the Voalte phones for TDCJ and the Towers.

Jeanie McJunkins. Nomination submitted by Flo McMillian in WB Program.  Statement: This GEM card is for your contribution in helping to teach our communication class. Although Mr. Baines was our actual teacher, our class seemed to be teachers as well. Like they say we must teach by example and it felt like we were all being taught to be the teaching example…… in which we were all learning from each other before the class was over. Therefore, it seems appropriate to send my classmates a GEM card for helping me to learn and develop more communication skills too. Thanks again!

Department Meetings – 2016

We will continue to have the Information Services Department Meetings every two months. Below are the dates and times for the meetings scheduled for 2016. Please note these on your calendar. A calendar invite with the connection details will be sent approximately a month before the meeting.

  • January 27th, 8:30am – 9:30am
  • March 30th, 8:30am – 9:30am
  • May 25th, 8:30am – 9:30am
  • July 27th, 8:30am – 9:30am
  • September 28th, 8:30am – 9:30am

Locations for the meetings will be on the calendar invite, but will include the following:

All conference rooms on 1st floor

4.116 Admin Bldg
5.521 Levin Hall
6.100 Rebecca Sealy

When joining the meeting, please:

  1. Mute your mic. There was quite a bit of background noise that made it difficult for people to hear what Todd was saying.
  2. Join the meeting only once. If you are in a conference room, please do not connect to the meeting from your laptop or other device. We need all available space to ensure everyone that wants to participate is able to do so.
  3. If within walking distance, please participate in one of the conference rooms listed to ensure we have enough availability for all to participate.

Todd will be accepting questions prior to and during the meeting. Please submit your questions via the anonymous feedback form that was published to our blog (IS Watercooler). The link to the feedback form is below.

Thank you,

Congratulations GEM winners

Congratulations to the winners from the January 2016 GEM Drawing

Fausto Cruz – From Heather Weitz:  Outstanding customer service assisting me in resolving a LD authorization code issue for the Finance Assistant Controller. Thank you!

Doug Vincent – From Steven Schmid: Unbelievably long hours and excellent work to get the CMC El Paso contract up and running.  In addition to excellent work setting up the new schema, Doug has been taking shift on our 24 hour hotline for the first week of the El Paso go-live.

Steve Wiseman – From Jeff Weddle: Thank you for your part in making the Beaker AP Go-Live a success.

Felicia Thomas – From Crystal Gamboa:  Thank you for always being willing to help with any of my problems that I have. And for always having a smile on her face and making me laugh. You are an awesome person. Keep up all your hard work that you do for this Hospital.

FY15 Information Services ANNUAL GEM WINNERS: James Henley and Lynn Hacic

Congratulations to the winners selected by the IS Employee Advisory group.  These two winners, James Henley and Lynn Hacic, demonstrated the true meaning of Going the Extra Mile while at work.  Thank you James and Lynn.

James C. Henley – From Emma Ramos: Thank you for going over and above and demonstrating true compassion. Emma submitted email from Ken Hall:  He was at Lipton Tea working on a desktop support ticket for my team.    He is well spoken and very cordial.   In the end he was unable to assist us with the Crystal Report check printing issue, but I was extremely impressed with him.     Take a look at the photo attached.    While he was here, the fire alarm sounded in our building.    The entire building evacuated.    During the evacuation down 5 flights of stairs, he noticed one of my staff members, who he had never met, struggling to get down the stairs.    This staff member has had recent hip surgery and is currently using a walker to get around.     After watching my staff member struggle for one flight of stairs, he asked her if she would accept assistance.    She was very grateful, and you can see the result in the photo.  He slowly and carefully assisted my team member down four flights of stairs. I just want to express my gratitude for his assistance and to commend you for bringing individuals with this type of compassion and integrity to our institution.

Lynn Hacic – From Danna Eames McKeown: For going out of her way on an early Monday morning, to clean up the refrigerator in the CLC ste 80 area after multiple bottles of water and tea leaked inside and drenched everything existing in it. It required removing all bins, glass and food products in which everything had to be dried by hand with paper towels. She even kept a wonderful attitude regardless!