About this Blog

The watercooler  has historically been the “go to location” for everyone around the office to get the latest information on the department and talk about how things could be improved, etc. Given that we are now living in an “online world” and we are Information Services; leadership got together and decided we needed a way to communicate freely with each and everyone in the department. What better way to do that than a blog?

The hope is that this Information Services Watercooler blog site will be the new “go to location” for everyone to get some of the latest information going on as well as a mechanism for each of you to give leadership feedback on what’s working and frankly what isn’t.

We will also be using this as way to get your feedback on different questions that we have. Some will be related to YouCount questions, and others will hopefully be more insightful.

Ok so now the important stuff, the rules of engagement:

  • The plan is for us to post information as much as it is relevant.
  • We will post some information randomly about things that are going on in the department.
  • If there is something you would like to brag about that your area is doing, please use the contact us section and give your area some bragging rights! We will get it posted as quickly as we can.
  • We also want to solicit your opinion and feedback on some key issues. To do this we will post a new question to you all  and give two weeks to get your feedback. This can be adjusted as we go if appears that activity is not present after 1 week, etc
  • Then we ask that you give us 2 weeks to summarize the responses, present to the group, discuss and get you all a response back.
  • For simple issues and  questions from you all  that can be answered easily we will post a response as soon as possible. Some will be immediate, others will need a bit of time for us to discuss.
  • Please post topics separately.
  • The post will be moderated, before post are published.
  • Entries can be anonymous.

Now for the formal information that everyone should already be aware of, but may need to be reminded of:

  • All UTMB rules and policies governing security and information transmission apply
  • Use common sense
  • Keep confidential information confidential
  • No profanity, obscene, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate remarks.
  • No posting any PHI, (Protected Health Information).

We hope that this blog will become a great mechanism for communication throughout the department, and we are sure we will have revisions as time goes on.

Thanks for stopping by……..Happy blogging!!