Pediatric center open on Saturdays for specialty care

The UTMB Pediatric Specialty Center, 2785 Gulf Freeway South in League City, is now offering Saturday appointments from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The center provides specialty care in asthma, allergy, rheumatology, immunology, cardiology, nephrology, hematology, oncology, diabetes, child development and behavior, neurology and genetics, among other services. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (409) 772-3695 or (888) 886-2543.

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Holiday hangover cures

by Dr. Victor S. Sierpina, the W.D. and Laura Nell Nicholson Family Professor of Integrative Medicine at UTMB.

Though most of my readers assure me they are people of moderation when it comes to drinking, the holidays can sometimes be challenging.

Many of my patients report that they drink alcohol only over the holidays. Whether you are a regular drinker or an occasional one, the holidays are rife with risks for immoderation and along with this the suffering of hangovers.

A hangover is like a stern parent, chastising us for our mistakes the night before.

If there is any benefit to a hangover, it is to remind us to be more careful with our alcohol intake. There is nothing like a bad headache, stomach pain, muscle aches and a really bad attitude to remind us that no matter how much fun we had last night, we and those around us are paying a price today. Continue reading

UTMB offers Sunday mammograms at area churches

Last May, the UTMB Sunday Screening Mammogram Program visited Avenue L Baptist Church, in Galveston. The program returns, visiting three area churches in October and November 2012.

Dr. Angelica Robinson is a woman on a mission: She wants to take breast cancer screening services on the road to as many underserved women in the community as she can possibly reach. One of her most successful programs involves taking the UTMB mobile mammography van to churches on Sunday mornings. With support from The Ruth Kempner Endowment for Breast Cancer Screening, Robinson has once again organized a fall “Sunday Screening” program. [read more]