High tech prostate imaging, biopsy and treatment: UTMB now offering MRI-guided prostate evaluation and therapy


Cross sectional MRI view of prostate gland with needle guide in the rectum preparing for biopsy

 UTMB is proud to introduce a complete MRI solution for analysis, planning, biopsy and possible non-surgical ablative treatment of prostate cancer. The advanced imaging capabilities and biopsy tools allow state-of-art imaging and intervention for men experiencing persistently elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels suspicious for prostate cancer.

 This new paradigm for evaluating and treating men with prostate cancer is a cooperative effort of the UTMB radiology and urology departments. The diagnostic MRI requires no special preparation and no rectal instruments and is highly sensitive and specific for focal cancers in the prostate gland. The prostate biopsy, done at a different setting, involves MRI-guidance and tissue sampling of areas of the prostate gland considered suspicious by the previous diagnostic MRI.


Large opening MRI scanner where we perform prostate diagnosis, biopsy and treatment. No radiation used for any of these procedures!

While many men will require radiation or surgical treatment, some focal prostate cancers can be watched with follow up MRI’s and some can even be ablated using laser or freezing technology– both treatments which fortunately have a very low risk of causing impotence or urinary problems.

Patients interested in this technology can learn more by contacting Dr. Walser and Dr. Joseph Sonstein via http://radiology.utmb.edu/ir or by email to the urology department josonste@utmb.edu or radiology department emwalser@utmb.edu

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Dr. Eric Walser– Interventional Radiology


Dr. Joseph Sonstein – Urology









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