How to Prepare Your Child for Shots


As a pediatrician I looked forward to getting my children vaccinated, knowing that they would at last be protected against deadly diseases.  As a parent, I await those days with a bit of dread.  No one likes seeing their kids cry, even for a really healthy and good reason.  Sometimes it is tough to know how best to prepare for those moments.  Here are a few tips to get you and your kids through the anxiety of getting shots.


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Vitamin D3, Deficiency, What We Know, and Recommendations

poole-joseph004Vitamin D is an important nutrient that should be evaluated and maintained in each adult patient. Because Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, it is technically a hormone, and because hormone deficiencies disrupt homeostasis, overlooking this vitamin can have unintended consequences including prostate and colorectal cancer, metabolic syndrome and prediabetes (Bender, 2017). The protective benefits of a normal Vitamin D also include respiratory protection and all-cause mortality benefits (Wimalawansa, 2016).

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