Welcome to Working Wonders

UTMB’s mantra is “Working Together to Work Wonders.” Collaboration is part of the core fiber of our organization, and an integral element of quality health care. We believe blogging is yet another tool for collaboration, and we’re embracing it and other social technologies as a way to strengthen ties with the people and the communities who rely on us to help keep them healthy.

Our physicians and health care staff have great information and remarkable stories to tell. This blog is one channel for them to share those tips, notable news items, healthy ideas, breaking research and promising developments.

Working Wonders gives a voice and creates dialogue among our physicians and staff, and the patients and communities they serve.

We encourage you to submit questions, suggest topics you’d like for us to cover and share your opinions with us in the comments section on our blog posts. We look forward to extending our patient interactions beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics and into the digital realm.